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I specialize in playing upright and electric bass in the styles of Classic Country, Bluegrass & Rockabilly while Touring, Recording and Teaching. I really want to keep that era's sound around for a long time.  

I’m also a utility player offering strong Rhythm Guitar, Mama Maybelle Carter style Guitar work (The Carter Scratch technique), Luther Perkins & Bob Wootton (Johnny Cash’s guitarists) style Lead Guitar work, flat-picking Bluegrass Lead Guitar work, Banjo, Mandolin, Autoharp and more! I offer professionalism, a fun but hard working attitude, an understanding of the Nashville number system, backup vocals. 

I love feeling the music to add to, but not intrude on, the other musicians’ interpretation of the song. I just lay down a solid bass foundation within which they can work, but I can sure jam on when required! Dynamics of the song are so important and I work hard to match them with the others' playing and singing.

I have a current passport and flight cases for my basses, electric guitar, banjo, mandolin. 

I love to play: 

- Classic Country Music circa beginning of time - 1967 or so  (I’m a Honky Tonk gal at heart), 

- Bluegrass (the great early stuff, raw and beautiful) and 

- Rockabilly (Oh, the power and free-spiritedness of it!) 

- Swedish/Scandinavian/Finnish (on nyckelharpa, fiddle and mandolin, too!) 

I want to personally thank each of these artists and bands for giving me a chance to pick & grin with them and giving me a lot of resources from which to grow and build my musical career. Most importantly was the opportunity to entertain people!  Partial Group Resume’: 

- The Tennessee Three (band that backed up Johnny Cash)  - toured and recorded with Bob Wootton and WS Holland playing upright bass

- Lorrie Carter Bennett (Granddaughter of Mama Maybelle Carter, daughter of Anita Carter - Sweet voice keeping the Carter Family music tradition going) 

- Bristol Echoes (Through entertaining and educating, we're passing along how wonderfully important these early captured moments in music are to musicians and listeners today)

- Joe Hott and The Short Mountain Boys (Retro Bluegrass, Country, Gospel, Mountain Music) 

- JC Cole & Folsom '68 (Johnny Cash Tribute)

- Perley Curtis (Perley's Place camera cue sheets, teleprompting, website maintenance, and occasional bass sub)

- Scott Southworth (Honky Tonk Anonymous)

- Daughters of Bluegrass (Pickin' Like a Girl) - played on 7 songs on this great collection (mandolin and autoharp) 

- Jett Williams backing band (Hank Williams Sr and Jett's Original songs)

- Sweet Nothin's featuring The McCarter Twins and Chip (Beautiful folks with beautiful harmonies)

- Adam Pope's Monroe SUN  (Bluegrass with a Rockabilly kick)

- Adam Pope & The Rebel Roots (Original Country, Rockabilly & Bluegrass)

- Music City Hayride (Lots of Traditional Country Music in full band setting and variety of singers)

- Lloyd Wood backing band (Classic Country, Comedy and a bit of Bluegrass and Rockabilly)

- David Church Straight Up Country Band (Hank Williams Sr tribute and Classic Country songs)

- Reedy Buzzards (Vintage Acoustic Country Music) 

- Texas '55 (Rockabilly and Classic Country)

- No Brakes (Bluegrass Trio with a kick)

- Pickin' Up Speed (Homegrown Bluegrass)

- Crick County Quartet (My first band from my high school days)

- see my ‘Discography’ page and ‘Gigs Archive’ page for more (sorry - under construction at this time)!


(photo by Gerald Hott, Nashville, TN)