Here's a little sampling of the recordings I've been honored to play on (upright & electric basses, electric & acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin, nyckelharpa, autoharp, pizza box, snare and baritone guitar) or record from my studio (and mobile sites):

Terry Lee Goffee - All originals - Lonesome Town, 2022 - (co-producer, recording engineer, upright bass, lead guitar, mandolin, baritone guitar, autoharp, nyckelharpa, snare) What a privilege to work on this fine album by Terry.  His songwriting down through the years puts you right into the stories with astute word selection and deep rich vocals and traditional country sound backdrop.  'Lonesome Town' is the first 10 of 20 songs released (look for 'All the Right Reasons' release in 2023!)    https://www.terryleegoffee.com/order-cds/   and https://terryleegoffee.hearnow.com/lonesome-town      Also, please check out the care and attention Terry puts into his Johnny Cash tribute shows https://www.terryleegoffee.com/tour-dates/

Adam Pope & Amy Pope - Country - Old Fashioned (with Amy Pope), 2019 - (upright bass) 'Listen to “Old Fashioned” featuring five Don Williams tribute songs performed as duets by Adam & Amy Pope, arranged with beautiful acoustic instrumentation and blended harmonies, plus a traditional, yet original country tune called “Old Fashioned” that harkens back to the sounds & values of yesteryear.' https://adampope.bandcamp.com/album/old-fashioned-full-album-1-download-for-limited-time

Sweet Nothin's - Mountain Country - Sweet Memories, 2018 - (upright bass/recording engineer instruments) It was time to make more music! And I was so excited they wanted me to help record them and add some bass here and there! It was a treat getting those goose-bump moments when the sweet harmonies of the McCarter Twins Lisa and Terese and Chip Winter blended like they do filling the air and lifting the mood! http://www.sweetnothinstrio.com/about-us/ scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the purchase button.

Adam Pope - Gospel  - Brother Bobby's Song, 2018 - (upright bass, mandolin/mobile recording engineer)  Adam writes, 'Pastor Bobby Robertson was a very influential pastor to me and 4 generations of BOTH sides of my daddy and mama's families. I wrote and finished this song the day Brother Bobby Roberson left this world and went on to heaven to be reunited with his wife, Miss Jackie and where he finally met our Savior, Jesus Christ.' https://adampope.bandcamp.com/track/brother-bobbys-song-free-download

Joanne Cash - Gospel - Unbroken, 2017 - (upright bass 'Back Home in Arkansas') Arkansas CMA Award winning video of this song written by producer engineer musician singer friend about Joanne's early life story.  It's a heartfelt beaut and I'm honored to get to play on it!   https://store.joannecash.com/products

Adam & Amy Pope - Gospel  & More - Faith & Family, 2017 - (upright bass, banjo, mandolin/recording engineer entire album)  Traditional and original songs delivered by Adam and his wife Amy. Adam writes, 'This album reflects our hope that we will one day leave behind a legacy of faith in God and love for one another for our children and their children just like those that have gone on before us.' https://adampope.bandcamp.com/album/faith-family-with-amy-pope

Jonah Kraut - Eclectic mix - Brilliant Corners, 2016 - (nyckelharpa)  I don't even know the words to describe the boundlessness of Jonah's creativity.  Got to play my Swedish nyckelharpa on 'Company Man'. whew! https://jonahkraut.bandcamp.com/album/brilliant-corners

Adam Pope & The Rebel Roots - Patriotic - You Wear Blue, 2016 - (upright bass) Tribute to the Men in Blue

Adam Pope  - Country/Bluegrass/Rockabilly/Rock - Story & Song, 2015 - (upright bass, electric bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo/recording engineer). NSAI says 'It all begins with a song'; Adam says 'It all begins with a STORY & ends with a SONG." This collection alternates songs and stories, some delightful, some sad, some hilarious, some mad, and everything in between. https://adampope.bandcamp.com/album/story-song-2015

Adam Pope - Patriotic - Ain't Over It Yet, 2015 - (upright and electric bass, “Luther Perkins” style Lead Guitar).  This young man has a mission:  to entertain.  And entertain he does.  But it often goes deeper than that.  In his own “WHY” mission statement, Adam writes, ” I love America and I believe that she is a God inspired country who will be great as long as her people are good. As culture progresses I will stand firm on the principles that made this nation great all the while adapting to the circumstances of the present so that I may be relevant and have an impact grounded in truth.”  https://adampope.bandcamp.com/album/aint-over-it-yet-2016 

Joanne Cash - Gospel - Breaking Down the Barriers, 2014 - (*upright bass & "Bob Wootton" style electric guitar, %cowboy style electric guitar and fiddle) - *Getting to play on what may be Johnny Cash's final song he wrote for the Joanne/Tommy Cash duet on 'My Lord Has Gone' was so thrilling and quite the honor! %Got a call from Chad (producer, engineer and creator of this album) about a mystery chord in 'The Touch of God's Hand' Ranger Doug from 'Riders In The Sky' super-cowboy-group had said was missing in the scratch guitar tracks. I knew immediately what he was talking about and soon gave Chad a couple of guitar tracks and a fiddle track. Fun to be on that with Joanne and Ranger Doug https://store.joannecash.com/products

Jonah Kraut - Eclectic mix - Roots & Vines, 2014 - (upright bass) Roots set deep and wide in these original country, bluegrass, blues and rockabilly offerings by this talented young man and his guitar and vision. https://jonahkraut.bandcamp.com/album/roots-vines

Daughters of Bluegrass - Bluegrass - Pickin’ Like a Girl, 2012 - (upright bass, mandolin, Mother Maybelle Carter style guitar) - honored to be on this recording project of Tom T and Dixie Hall written songs featuring many of today’s top female Bluegrass pickers and singers.  To order this fine collection, contact me on Facebook or https://www.amazon.com/Pickin-Like-Girl-Daughters-Bluegrass/dp/B00BV9JB2M

Jonah Kraut - Rockabilly - Boppin’ The Blues, 2012 - Recorded at Cowboy Jack Clement’s Studio, the first band to use his studio after his house fire - (upright bass) What a fun-lovin' chance to play a variety of bass slap rhythms - thank you Jonah!! https://jonahkraut.bandcamp.com/album/boppin-the-blues

Adam Pope - Rockabilly - The Sun Sessions, 2012 - featuring WS “Fluke” Holland - (upright bass) - How cool to be standing where Bill Black stood recording bass for Elvis, and perhaps Marshall Grant recording for Johnny Cash … the spirit of that room felt so incredible while playing these Adam Pope originals with WS Holland beating out that signature rhythm of his ‘where it all began’  WHEW! https://adampope.bandcamp.com/album/sun-sessions-2012 

Pickin’ Up Speed - Bluegrass - The Farm Sessions - Home Sweet Home 2010 - (upright Bass on 2 songs/mobile recording engineer)  

Monica Jablonski - Fiddle tunes - 2010 - (upright bass) - 5 fiddle tunes with John and Susan Nicholson of Frogwater band.  To catch more news about Frogwater, please stop by here http://frogwater.us/index.asp

Adam Pope - Country and Rockabilly and more CD - This Is Adam Pope, 2009 - (upright bass and electric bass) Oh yeah!  This project I co-produced with Adam and it was truly a wonderful journey!  As Adam points out on the CD’s back cover, it’s “a little Country, a little Rockabilly, a little Roots, a little Humor, a little Love, a little Lonely, a lot of Entertainment!”  oh yeah! http://www.adampopemusic.com  for more stories behind the songs and to see where he’s performing next 

Bob and Deborah Gosa - Country CD - Gosa Country Collection, 2009 - (Upright Bass on 'You’re The Reason Why', Electric Bass on 'Look Out Below' and 'Steel Guitar Rag') A wonderful and creative husband and wife duo from Wisconsin.  Check out Deborah’s pretty voice and fine keyboard work and Bob’s super pickin!  I really enjoyed recording them and recording for them! 

The Zinghoppers - Children’s music - Sing Your Way Through The Day, 2009 - (Upright Bass) with the super talented Conductor Jack and Kitty and Penelope the Possum and Olo the Donkey and Coconuts the Kangaroo!  It doesn’t get much more fun than this!  I had a blast working with them as I always do.  If there is a Conductor Jack or Zinghopper show near you, I believe you and your young kids will enjoy it!  

Adam Pope - 5 more original songs from this young talented writer/entertainer (”This is Adam Pope”) - (train drivin’ slappin’ upright bass on 'Engineer' and electric bass on 'If You Need To Get Away', and 'My Tattoo', 'Your Mom', and 'You'.  The diversity of this writing is far reaching - something for everyone!  Had another great time with super musicians Andy Hull (Drums), Dusty Knapp (Keyboard and Hammond), Leroy Deuster (Steel Guitar), Matt Damon Walker (Lead Guitar) and Michelle Bailey(Fiddle)!  

Adam Pope - EPK 4 song sample (This is Adam Pope) - (drivin’ slappin’ upright bass on 'I Love Me Too' and upright bass on 'Shot In Reno', electric bass on 'Mama’s In the Mood' and 'The Way That You Don’t') This collection gives you a taste of the amazing variety of the styles this young man writes in, as well as his delivery.  He is so much fun to play for and entertain with.  Check him out when he’s in your town!  Had a great time with super musicians Rodney Powell (Drums), Dusty Knapp (Keyboard and Hammond), Leroy Deuster (Steel Guitar), Matt Damon Walker (Lead Guitar) and Justin Bethune (Lead Guitar)!  WOW what an honor playing with this talent!  

Adam Pope –CD Single – Shot In Reno, 2008 – (upright bass)  - Check out this story song from the point of view of the guy who got shot in Reno!  Johnny Cash fans would most likely admire this song of Adam’s. 

Adam Pope – Songwriter CD – Miles, 2008 - (lead guitar on Mama’s in the Mood and Rags to Wrenches, upright bass on Engineer and Rags to Wrenches) - more of Adam’s songwriting depth 

Adam Pope and The Rebel Roots – Americana CD – Bury Me In Tennessee, 2008 - (upright bass, mandolin, banjo, fiddles, & pizza box) with talented entertainer/songwriter/guitarist Adam Pope and Travis/Maphis/Luther-style guitarist Elaine Frizzell - Roots music covering Classic Country, Rockabilly, Blues, Bluegrass, Gospel and Adam’s originals, too which fit right in. For more information about amazing guitarist Elaine Frizzell please click on http://www.elainefrizzell.com/index.html

Scarlett Wootton – Country CD – Vision of Loneliness, 2008 - (upright bass on 'Someone Else’s Flame') - Check out her strong distinctive voice!  

Tennessee Three – Johnny Cash’s backing band CD - The Sound Must Go On, 2006 – (upright bass on 'You Walked Tall' and 'A Legend') for long-standing members of The Tennessee Three Bob Wootton and WS Holland—an honor to be part of their recording history) 

Moxie Chicks – Acoustic music CD - Cross Me Fool, 2006, MOO-TOWN MTP006 - (nyckelharpa on "Finding Your Way To Love") - “Sweet harmony with an attitude”  https://mootownproductions.com/from-cross-me-fool 

Doc Wooten – Country Christmas EP titled Christmas Bells and Kitchen Smells - Christmas Train and That Christmasy Feeling, 2005 - (playing upright bass) - with Bob Wootton, WS Holland, & Tommy Cash - how cool is that!  

 Mil-Town Ramblers – Bluegrass CD – Mil-Town Ramblers Milwaukee, WI, 2004 – (upright bass) - hard working hard driving powerful harmony and tasty licks with this young Bluegrass group.  I was their den mama and proud to see them grow in their music! (out of print as of now) 

Lekspel – Collection of Scandinavian music CD – Lekspel:  at Practice, 2006 (recorded 2002-2003) - (nyckelharpa, fiddle, mandolin) - A different kind of roots journey for me:  honoring my Swedish heritage here with friends from my Swedish group in Wisconsin. (out of print as of now) 

Lisa Horngren - Early Country - Carter Family Tribute, 2003 - (Maybelle Carter style guitar and vocal) - For a Milwaukee Food Pantry Benefit.

Monica Marshall – Christmas CD – FIAT, Let It Be Done, 2003, MM-92503 – (upright bass and harmony arrangement) - Monica is a wonderfully spirited person, incredible storyteller through song and gifted singer whose sweet steady voice puts you in the story and carries you along asking for more, more, more when the song is done. 

Big Cedar Bluegrass Band - Bluegrass - Branching Out, 2003 - (recording engineer) Talk about energetic! This band has it as it recorded the whole album live without overdubs.  Feel the energy and fun they're having.

Bluegrass Blueprint – Milwaukee, WI area Bluegrass compilation CD – Bluegrass Blueprint, 2002 – (upright bass on "Stay Away From Me" and "Why Do You Do") - I helped co-produce this compilation.  That was good experience learning about that side of the recording business.  

Tom and Barb Webber – Folk CD - Indigo Sky, 2002, FW11202 - (upright bass on Profit Line, Deep River Blues, Long Lonely Road, Give Him Time, nyckelharpa on Little Hope) - Barb & Tom Webber  Profit Line, (Indigo Sky: 2002) won 2nd place in a WAMI (Wisconsin Area Musicians Industry) CD roulette contest for performance, musicality and general impressions. https://fairwebberfolkmusic.com 

Dave Fox and Will Branch – Americana CD - Bootleggers Blues, 2001 (upright bass) - One of my first exposures to Americana/Roots besides Rockabilly and great fun working with Will and Dave.  https://www.foxandbranch.com 

The Reedy Buzzards – Gospel, Vintage Country Music Style, CD - Chapter and Verse 2002, R352 - (upright bass) - A power-packed Gospel offering from THE band that prompted me to learn to play the bass so I could join their group.  I loved their harmonies and fancy yet tasty picking. 

Texas ’55 – Rockabilly CD - Extreme Hillbilly, 1999, PCR102 -  (upright bass, vocals) - All songs written by Rob Laplander, one of my all-time favorite songwriters.  Pounded out Rockabilly style - Oh was that fun! (out of print as of now) 

The Reedy Buzzards – Vintage Acoustic Country Music CD - The Reedy Buzzards, 1998 - (upright bass) -Think back to the 40s when Country and Bluegrass and Rockabilly and Folk were all in one river of music blending and flowing.  This is THE band that prompted me to learn to play the bass so I could join their group.  This offering matched that feeling I got when I first heard and loved their harmonies and fancy yet tasty picking.  This band made me realize the hard work that should be put into song selection appropriate for the band, detailed arrangements, all the little important things that make their music so special. 

Picking Up Speed – Bluegrass – Poverty Gulch, 1998 - (Recording Engineer on whole album) - Fun traditional and original Bluegrass by great people 

Texas ’55 – Rockabilly CD - Amplified Modulation, 1997, PCR 101 - (upright bass, mandolin) - All songs written by Rob Laplander, one of my all-time favorite songwriters, covering the vast styles of Country music.  My first taste of recording in another studio besides mine and working with a drummer.  Great other building blocks in my music stemmed from what I learned here, as well. (out of print as of now) 

Picking Up Speed – Bluegrass cassette – Don’t Say Goodbye, 1992, MBS-B-0492 - (mandolin and fiddle) - Fun Bluegrass with great people (out of print as of now)   

No Brakes – Bluegrass cassette – No Brakes, 1991 - (upright bass, mandolin) - This band showed off its versatility switching instruments several times a night to cover stylings of Bluegrass, Blues, Appalachian, Country/Southern Rock and more. (out of print as of now) 

Crick County Quartet – Bluegrass cassette – Crick County Quartet, 1979 - (banjo, autoharp, vocals) - This was my very first band, started in High School Orchestra class in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.  I learned about musicianship’s teamwork, instrument/vocal blends, arrangements (and yep that banjos are loud!)  (out of print as of now)